Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Final Countdown

So here it goes... Sara Gummow, age 21?!  Finally off to the Taiwan Taipei mission... though the transition to the Provo MTC may be the hardest part, I have much to look forward to.  What I am most excited for in the MTC is reuniting with my brother for the next 5 weeks.  I cannot wait to learn Mandarin Chinese and I am even more excited to learn about the gospel.  This adventure will be the most rewarding, but also the most difficult.  I am leaving it to my mom to take over the communication from here.  I know she will do an amazing job at keeping everyone up to date.  She is amazing!

Thank you to all those who not only support me, but all the missionaries out there.  I read that we are the most prayed for people in the LDS church.  I would have to agree, and say how much I have already felt these prayers lifting me up during the difficult times preparing.  As everyone who has left on a mission can attest Satan does not make it easy.  Thank goodness there are only a few hours left of me as simply Sara.  See you all in 18 months!  

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