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Baby turtles! Jan 28, 2013

A stop at the Pet Shop - Baby turtles!
(In Hawaii, turtles symbolize long life and peace)
Turtle Symbolism in Chinese Culture:
"The turtle symbolizes support, endurance, wealth, longevity  happy family, long generations, good luck and fortune in Chinese culture. The turtle is believed to be a celestial animal and posses protective powers as well. According to Chinese legends the body of the turtle is said to posses the secret of heaven and earth and the shell design shows the Lo Shu magic square which is the guide for life."

Sara had another good week and sent her email to the correct address this week!  Hurrah!  Here are some things she mentioned in her letter:

"Things are going better, not because the situation has necessarily changed, but because I know I am doing the lord's work.  When we listen to Him everything is taken care of.  Our investigators are still not progressing much, but I have seen so many miracles this week!  The Lord is just reminding me if I am willing to pay attention to the spirit and obey Him, He will guide the work."

 Here are 3 examples:

 "1. I was able to listen to the spirit to discern one of our investigators needs.  She is a young girl and is preparing for baptism.  She is golden, but for some reason this lesson I decided we needed to investigate more into where her testimony was at and if she was having  personal spiritual experiences.  She hasn't really and broke down a bit because she was a little scared.  I know she wouldn't have told us if we hadn't asked her the right questions.  Now we know so we know how to help her and what to pray for. 

 2. L... Jei Mei.  She hadn't been answering our phone calls, so on Wednesday I prayed that she would call us.  She didn't, but she finally answered our calls!  Hopefully this week we will have an opportunity we can meet with her and get everything sorted out. 

Her new district
 3. So this week I had a unique experience where I got to go on exchanges with another sister that came in the same time as me (sister O)  Needless to say I was terrified!   We were going to be in my area, so I would be senior companion and our Chinese is really not very good, so I was a little concerned.  Luckily we have great church members and my companion has trained me well to be leading.  We saw so many miracles together... it was also awkward at times, but missionary work just is sometimes.  It has really been a testimony confirming week this week in the importance of planning with the spirit.  The place I planned to go contacting with this new sister we were able to find 3 great people in 30 min.  One of which we taught a lesson to, but she spoke perfect English, so when we didn't understand she just spoke English.  Another blessing was the new missionaries came into the field this week.  We were also able to go to transfer meeting because we had to switch some credit cards.  It was so fun to see my MTC younger generation.  I was also able to talk with others from my generation... the Lord is really blessing my Chinese ability.  It was funny because sister O and I tried to do a role play in English and I am so used to speaking in Chinese there was a part that I kept saying strange Chinese grammar.  I was finally like it's easier in Chinese and just switched over for a portion.  My goal is to become like the Taiwanese and I know the lord is really accelerating my learning because of my goal.  My vocab is not huge, but I am definitely thinking a lot more in Chinese and can express myself better and better everyday!"

If anyone feels the inclination to write Sister Gummow a letter, she would love it!!  and appreciate it so much!!

"I got a few great letters this week that brightened my week too!  Amanda- I loved your travel buddy!  I am excited to send it on with a piece of Taiwan.  I also got some from Koji and Toshi!  thank you :)  Made my day!!!  It was so fun to here from some people back home.  I still always look at the Larsen's card at Christmas!  Thank you all for your support of the missionaries! Family thank you for your uplifting words and mom I love your creative ways to tell me the news!  Tell the girls congratulations on their mission calls.  I just got a letter from Mikayla and I am so excited for her!  Give her my best wishes. " 

P-day Ice Skating
"Missionary work is so great... mostly because I know with the Lord on our side there is no way he will let us fail!  Love you all!!!"

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