Monday, April 22, 2013

Big news! April 22, 2013

Big news from Sara!! and I reposted some recent pictures off of facebook that her friends posted.  The first one is with a friend she knew at BYUH who will also be serving a mission in the NYC North Mission and the second is with an investigator who came to say "good-bye" to Sara before she is transferred.  She has some big changes and challenges ahead - prayers of support for her are welcome!  Here are some quotes from her recent email!

"Soooo big news!!! ha ha I got a phone call Saturday night from our zone leaders... they informed me that this transfer I would be training! :)  Yay!!! ha ha I was feeling like I might.  Right after that, he said with a chuckle... and you will be moving!  *_*  ... My first words,  "Oh Elder, pray for me!"  I am so excited for this new opportunity!  I still feel like a new missionary, but there is no such thing for the sisters.  They will be having so many coming in and I am excited to be a part of it.  I will most likely be opening a new sister area!  I will let you know where - though right now I honestly have no idea.  I will find out this Friday at transfer meeting.  You will be having two children whitewashing so very soon I will be understanding my brother's feelings.  I am excited though because I love street contacting and it will be so good for my trainee to get all the time in practicing.  

I must admit I am terrified, but it is strange... when he called me I already knew that he would tell me.  I have felt since the 2nd week of this transfer that the lord was preparing me specifically for this next challenge.  He has not only been preparing me, but I have felt a power that is not my own.  When I have language study it helps me learn faster and retain more, when I preach the gospel it testifies of my words.  I have been seeing so many miracles, but the biggest miracle has been the outpouring of the spirit that I have felt directing me. 

PhotoYesterday I had a special experience at church confirming to me that my service in Neihu was not a waste.. despite no baptisms... one of our investigators came to church simply because she loves me and wanted to say goodbye (she already posted a picture of us on facebook) After I bore my testimony and was walking from the pulpit I saw so many of our ward members that I loved so much and as I looked at them I could see how sad they were that I would be leaving.  One of the women giving a talk spoke specifically to me and Elder T.....  It was so sweet and she just said how much we had made a difference in the lives of her dancing class students (every Friday we would share a message and every Tues  the elders would share a message).  Elder T...... and I have similar personalities and the ward members are sad to be losing us both at the same time, but I feel like they are prepared well to be helping the new people coming into Neihu.  

That night I had the most special experience.  We were going to visit a LA that I did not know at all.  As we came to their house and sat down I realized that I knew her husband and children because they were very active... especially her husband.  He has been so good to me.  They just bore their testimonies to me and thanked me for my service in Neihu.  They said they had all been very touched by my service in Neihu.  They also were so grateful we visited.  They said it has been like 10 years since the missionaries have visited their home.  ...... Di xiong was especially grateful.  His daughter is studying in England and has had some struggles.  He said every time he saw me he thought of his daughter in England.  He has a strong spirit and said that when he hears others speak he can always tell how much of the spirit they have with them because he can feel and see it.  He said every time I spoke he knew I had the spirit.  I think this is exactly what I needed to hear... despite whatever weaknesses I have and whatever disappointments I may have faced my first 3 transfers I can testify by the spirit.  That is all I need to be a successful missionary is to really understand the spirit and I know I have been learning how to rely on the lord more and more everyday.  It was a sweet confirmation to me today as the ward members told me how wonderful my Chinese was and they were so shocked it was only my 3rd transfer.  It was even better to hug them and to know how much we really love and appreciate each other.  These last few days in Neihu are going to go by fast and I am going to enjoy every minute of it and find like crazy.  

Here we go for another great adventure!  

Oh PS  mom thanks for the updates!  I can't believe Courtney is training Mckenna!  She is a great trainer and a wonderful person.  I hope Kenna loves every minute with her.  Congrats to Spencer and Tanner too.  looks like a yummy and fantastic idea ha ha.  Everyone seems to be doing so great.  I wish I could have heard the concert!  It will be so fun to see all the fun things that have changed.  Sorry no pictures or letters recently.  I will do better next transfer I promise.  I have literally been spending this whole transfer trying to make my companion happy and P-day is her favorite day so we do it her way.  I get my way when we plan and tract and stuff so p-day is all hers :)  well I better go I still need to write my mission pres.  I love you so much though and my thoughts and prayers are with you all.  Pray for my trainee!  We are going to need a lot of the Lord's help ha ha especially with my sense of direction... ^_^  

oh Aimee thank you for the email.  It really made me so happy.  You are wonderful and I am grateful for you everyday.  I actually visited with a member family last night and the wife reminds me so much of you!  I hope you can meet her someday.  I love you!  oh and Ben I really did write a letter for your birthday , but it still hasn't been sent... paisei! (taiwanese for I'm sorry). "

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