Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Everything!

beginning chinese proverb2014 is already starting out to be a great year for Sister Gummow!  She is down to her last 2 transfers and making every minute count!  

New year - new transfer - new companion - new area.... this year has already started off with a bang!!

First I went on exchanges with the new temple sister, Sister B, she is only on her 6th transfer and is one of the youngest temple sisters we have had in a long time (pray for her!)  I got to be with her on the new year so that was pretty fun!  It was cool to see how much I have changed on my mission.  I may not be a perfect missionary, but I really have learned how to follow the spirit and how to bring the spirit into a lesson.  I have also really learned how to love and how to show my love.  I still have a long way to go, but it is amazing how much the mission has changed me.  

So for all the new things the transfer brought;   I have a new companion (probably my last one ;)) her name is Sister G and she is amazing!  She is also on her 6th transfer, but her chinese is great and she is also very dedicated, obedient, and loving.  She was actually one of the girls in my STL(Sister Training Leader) area last transfer so I was lucky to know her a bit and I knew and loved her trainer so much.  She is a lot like her trainer so I feel very very blessed to be here with her.  The only difficult thing is that they decided to change the zones around a bit, so we added 2 sets of sisters to the ones we were already over.  We officially have the most sisters out of all the STL.  We cover 9 companionships of sisters when normal is about 4-6.  I think it will split next transfer and they will add another STL area, but for now, we get a very busy transfer :)  

Sister Gruwell and I have already started to see many many miracles.  We were able to find 3 different families to start teaching as well as another really awesome mother!  One of them is a LA's husband.  She had a new baby so didn't come to church for awhile.  We visited her a few times and then when her baby was bigger she started coming back to church and brought her whole family (husband, 2yr old, and new born) to church.  We set up with them this past Saturday and had an amazing spiritual lesson.  Both my companion and I had the huge impression that they would be sealed as a family someday.  The husband was willing to pray everyday and meet with us again next week.  Sooo awesome!  

The other family are formers.  The mother's work is in the same building as we live in.  We ran back to our apartment to grab a book of mormon I had forgotten and ran into her.  It happened to be her son's birthday so they invited us over that night.  I know before it was hard to find time to meet, but I think that we might have a good chance of doing it again.  They have a 15 yr old and 13yr old.  Their dad is way cool too and helped us say the closing prayer. 

The last family is also a former mother's investigator.  She lives by our house.  We originally planned on going to a fireside, but we had the 4 people who were planning on going all cancel.  Soo... we decided to pray what to do instead.  My companion doesn't have her bike yet, but I remembered this investigator that lived close by.  I didn't really think there was much chance of her progressing, but we thought we would at least try.  After we got there she actually welcomed us in and let us start teaching her... then the miracle happened. Her husband came home!  It was the first time we have ever met him.  He was way nice and said he had even run into missionaries before on the street.  We were able to teach him about prayer and set up a time next Sunday to go back and teach them all again.  They also have a 4 yr old and 2 yr old.  They are a super cute family.  So once again I feel like the lord has been answering all things things I have been praying for my whole mission.  

The other cool thing was that our teenage investigator, xie JM, passed her baptismal interview and will be baptized next Saturday!  My first baptism!!!  ha ha I have a feeling she will not be the last.  I am super grateful that the lord gave me the chance to learn all the things I did from having some tough transfers, but when He brings you down it is only to bring you up and give you even more.  I know that this New Year is bound to bring many miracles into all of your lives!!!

I also sent a small Christmas package so I hope it gets there safely.  I hope I also remembered to give you my memory card with pictures... let me know if you get it mom!  Sorry if I forgot I will find it and send it if you can't find it on the paper :)  I love you!!!

Sister Sara Gummow

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