Tuesday, February 4, 2014

This week was a blast.... literally!

Sister Gummow visited the doctor again this week.  He was kind enough to blast her other, larger kidney stone so she won't be in as much pain as last week if it decides to take trip out of her kidneys.  Blessings come in disguises sometimes - you just have to look a little deeper!

Dearest Family,

So first yes we did go to the temple last week so I finally saw the new movie and it was wonderful!  I received so much new inspiration and it gave me a really different perspective.  It may be longer, but I felt like it was easier to not fall asleep in...  ha ha maybe that just is because now I am more used to my mission though...  

I really love that talk lift where you stand.  It has really helped me out in my mission as well.  
I can sympathize with Matt this week because Guonian is a very special time in Taiwan.  If it makes him feel any better we have 0 progressing investigators.  Ha ha it really is fun to go out and find and find, but sometimes it is a bit draining as well.  It is also interesting because my companion and I are often on exchanges, so sometimes keeping track of everything can be tricky because we miss a lot.  I am kind of used to all the pressure, but my companion sometimes gets a bit down or stressed out, so pray for her!  

This week I have been very grateful for my calling as a sister training leader... I have really seen how those hard experiences have made me grow and now I know much better how to help out the other sisters who may be going through a difficult time as well.  Pretty much whatever challenge they are facing I have been through at least something similar and I am still alive and happy so it is helpful for them to know they can overcome it!  

I have really been praying for the family and especially for dad, so I hope that everything goes well this week and the right opportunity opens up.  It will be interesting to see what the lord wants our family to learn from this experience.

So for my kidney stones...  miracle of the week is that it hasn't hurt at all.  I was really surprised and grateful. The interesting thing is that we went to the doctor this morning and I guess the first time I was hurting, I must have passed the left kidney stone without even realizing it.. we think it must have been sometime in the night when I was in so much pain... I don't really remember much so probably.  The weird thing is that they went in for an x-ray today and discovered I have one in my right kidney as well and it is kind of big... so they wanted to do a shock wave treatment to break it up.  I successfully survived the shock wave treatment and now they said the next two days it will hopefully all be good.  I go back next Monday just to check it all and make sure it is ok and the treatment worked.  If not they will try again next month.  I told him the faster the better... luckily medical treatment in Taiwan is super super cheap so I am hoping to get it all sorted out here before I go home.

It was really a huge miracle because if I hadn't gone in the first time, they never would have discovered the one in my right kidney.  I guess it was too big to really move so that is why it hadn't hurt me yet, but now it can be resolved so I feel like that was a huge blessing of the lord.    

So one of the cool things I learned this week has to do with the brother of Jared.  I was reading about the barges and how the purpose of them was to take them to the promised land.  The lord had a designated place... then he sent winds and waves to direct the ship.  He sent storms... to direct the ship.  

It made me think of them sitting in those boats probably terrified being knocked around, but always making progress to that land... the days there were no winds and no storms they wouldn't move at all.  They were probably grateful for the calm because it allowed them to rest, but in the end the calm didn't add to their progression in their journey.   

 I thought it was really cool because I think the lord does the exact same with us.  He knows what I need to become more like my Savior... He knows what dad needs, mom needs... every single person.  He knows that this storm will help us move toward the place He wants us to be.  I am so grateful for the challenges He may send our way... though it may be difficult and tiring and sometimes in the midst of the storm we may ask why?  but in the end we will see our progress and realize it was all worth it and really the lord was helping push us toward our goal.      

Another cool miracle was that as we were at the doctor, we met some people from our area and were able to share with them a really cool message.  They weren't willing to set up a time to meet, but I know she won't forget the testimony we shared and when she is ready - she will call us :)  

We also had a really cool experience at a qingke (eating dinner at a member house) we asked the member if we could invite some of our RC's so that they could get to know ward members better.  It ended up being a party and we had 3 RC's, 1 LA and a few members all there.  Almost all of the members were converts so at the end they all went and shared their conversion stories... so cool!  It was so powerful to hear their stories... definitely is an experience I will remember the rest of my life!  

I think that is about it for this week :)  Love you all!!!  

Sister Sara Gummow 

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