Monday, February 25, 2013

So grateful for eternal families :) - Feb 25, 2013

A family in harmony will prosper in everything.
 - Chinese Proverb

Sometimes we don't fully realize the impact of our kind words, letters and encouragement.  But today, Sara helped us to understand that they are the guard rails on the "rollercoaster life" that missionaries experience!

Thank you so much for your emails!   It is such an amazing uplift.  I also have to tell you Aimee that I completely agree with you.  It is funny the things you don't miss until you can't have them.  A great blessing of my mission has been how much it has made me grateful for everything I have.. especially our family!  I even got to make my favorite cookies for our FHE activity last night.  It was funny thinking back with all the memories of me and Ben Sunday night making these cookies.  They turned out perfect this time strange because we usually always put too much or too little flour ha ha. 

So first this week was a bit of a roller coaster .. like usual ha ha It started out with some amazing miracles.  First - M..... our wonderful Indonesian investigator.  We teach her in English and her home county is mostly Muslim, so she does not know anything about Christ.  We teach her very very simply because her English is not very good.  The cool thing is that she can feel the spirit.  We were able to take her on a church tour and teach her about the Restoration this week.  She told me after that she had this weird feeling in the Sacrament meeting room.  She wanted to cry, but didn't know why.  I was so happy she could feel the spirit!  She said she would come to church on Sunday.  She works at night time- 7pm to 7am so this is a big sacrifice for her to come to church. 

X.. JM is another of our new investigators.  She owns a restaurant and is a wonderful loving mother.  She is having a very difficult time because her restaurant is not very successful right now.  We were able to set up a service time with her on Friday and us and the elders helped her clean up.  The next day my companion and I decided to go visit her.  She was so happy! She said that today and been busier and she knew it was because of our prayers.  We have also been having more success with the members.  They are really starting to love and trust us... still no member referalls, but I know we will get there.  I need to improve about asking for them too.  Sometimes I feel bad asking for so much.  The members are really so wonderful.

J's family is so great!  They had a wonderful meal, but even better than that was the company.  They are so fun and her neice and nephew are the cutest!  Ha ha I loved being with them.  It made me feel so comfortable and at home. 

So the rollercoaster part of the week was nearing the end I was feeling so discouraged because our numbers are really low.  I was making calls on Saturday night and I just knew not very many of our investigators would be coming to church.  I had prepared the ward for them coming and everything, but they weren't answering.  One of the members was a little late to church and asked me if M..... came (she was going to help translate the meeting into english for her)  I didn't know why but as I told her no I just became so sad and discouraged.  Sometimes we work so hard and don't have any success.  It is so discouraging.  Mom I think your dream was very spot on.  I definitely needed that hug and someone to tell me they are proud that I am here because I felt so hopeless and this time, as the Sacrament meeting started I felt so silly because I couldn't control my tears of saddness and discouragement.  Luckily, I cry all the time, so hopefully the members thought it was just some spiritual prompting.  Despite this I remembered my blessing that I would be able to put on a smile even when I did not feel like smiling.  I managed to get through church, strengthen member relationships, and set up appointments with members all with a smile.  I am so grateful for you all.  Sorry out of time, but I know the Lord really does watch over us!  Keep the faith!!! wo ai nimen

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