Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Seeing the raindrops March 4, 2013

This week we received a fun package from Sara with some Chinese New Year decorations like the red banners that the Chinese place over and to the sides of the door.  These are intended to scare away the New Year Monster. (She remarked how similar the story is to that of the baby Moses in the Old Testament when the children of Israel painted their doorways with Lamb's blood to protect them from the destroyer).  She also sent some treats and a beautiful table runner and some of the tracts they hand out for their English Class, the basics of the gospel, and temple tours.  It was a fun surprise!  We also got a SD card full of pictures!  I included a few of my favorites in today's post!

Thank you so much for the email.  It is always just what I need!!!  I got your letter and memory card.  I LOVED the baptism pictures ha ha. (These were pictures of her when she was baptized)  I showed them to my district and we were all laughing! It was so cute. Thank you for the funny pictures Bryanna drew at church too.  Made me laugh and feel like I was right there with you all.  I'm glad you liked the package.  Sort of New Year/birthday packages.  Dad- how is it being 50??  Ha ha my companion and I figured out our dads have the exact same birthday and both turned 50 so that was kind of special!  Hey dad thanks for the words of advice.  It was definitely needed.  I often forget that it isn't my skills as a missionary, but their own choice to choose to accept or reject the gospel.  As you all know I often prefer to focus on the positive, so this week I saw a cute Asian notebook that I just had to have.  The front part said:

"How Are You?
Even though the grey
rainy day may
let people feel
But when you lift
your head and discover
the rain drops."

Ha ha it happened to be a freezing cold and rainy week, so I thought it was very applicable.  Though the English may not make sense I thought it was the perfect quote for me.  It reminded me that no matter what may be going on there is always a beautiful miracle, a small thing we can see God's hand in our lives.  If we can only look past the grey, rainy day... we can discover the beauty in a rainstorm.  That was my new goal, so every day I have been "discovering" the raindrops of the day.  Here are a few of this week's raindrops.  1. on 2/27 it poured rain all day, but it was warm rain and so fun.  It was a comforting rain that was fun to tract in. 2. 3/1 I called an old investigator to check up and set a time to visit.  They had no kong2 (free time), but when she kept on talking to me I finally invited her to church.  She accepted and yesterday her and her daughter came to church for the first time in like 20 years!  3. On 3/2 we ran into one of the Elder's old investigators.  I saw a boy sitting on a bench and just pulled over to talk to him.  Turns out I knew him and he has been missing church, but I know the Lord loves him and it was His way of telling this boy he is welcome back whenever he is ready!  3/3 sooo many raindrops :)  Z..... JM and her daughter came to church, they also invited us to their house that night to give us food.  We also were able to visit a member family who really needed to hear our message.  Last but not least our wonderful friend r... r... is starting work this week so we went to read her a scripture and were able to eat dinner with her and her mom and comfort her.  Such a wonderful night.  The Lord really watches over us!  It is His work and I'm so grateful to be a small part of it.  

I have an invite for all of you this week.  I have seen such a difference in my attitude since I started "discovering the raindrops"  I know how important it is no matter the weather... good or bad... focusing on the beauty in a storm changes the entire atmosphere.  It doesn't mean the hard things won't be there, but they become a new adventure.  Dad's test, Rachel's health, or whatever the challenge may be.  Let us look for the Lord's hand in each small day, each event.  As I have done this the challenges have been forgotten and I can only see how beautiful this world is and the amazing life experience the lord is enabling us to have.

I truly do often pray for you all and am so grateful for all you do.  Each letter, packet of kool-aide, or email message makes my day.  Thank you Dan and Bry!  It sounds like you both have some awesome things up ahead.  Aim looks so beautiful!!  Ha ha and Ben and Steve have lost so much weight!  You are all looking so great!  I hope the Lord continues to bless you all as much as He  is blessing us out in the mission field   

 ha ha and thank you so much for all the friend updates.  Jared and Mason have not written me though I did get a letter from David!  I also got a letter from John signed from Jantz.  Made my day.  Thank you so much for the encouragement!  Ha ha it came at the perfect time.  I will keep doing my best!!!

P-day at the park

Her Pet turtle

Costco in Taipei!

Healthy lunch at Costco

Riding Missionary Style! - with a camera in one hand.....

One of their yummy meals during Guonian -
 Huo Guo (Hot Pots)

Taipei Temple Tour
There were definitely some hard days this week.  Matt had his power week and I think this was mine a bit.  I had a goal to pass off my phase 1 by this transfer so I have been waking up early to study and I'm still not sure I'm prepared, but I know the Lord will help me. 

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