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Finding, Finding, Finding - June 17, 2013

 落其实者思其树,饮其流者怀其源 ——庾信
luò qí shí zhě sī qí shù, yǐn qí liú zhě huái qí yuán
When you eat fruit, remember the tree; when you drink from the stream, remember the source.  -- Yu Xin

Sara had a great week and is full of gratitude - enjoy her email today!

"I love you all and I am so grateful for all your prayers!  You are all such a blessing to my life.  I can't even express to you how grateful I am for all the things you have taught me.  As credit to you mom... and especially dad on Father's day, I had a bunch of people tell me what I good child I must have been and how they were telling their kids to follow my example.  Ha ha yes! you did succeed in some things... they all THINK I must have just been a golden child ha ha.  So in the end, all that worry is paying off. 

This week has been a good week, but exhausting!  We were so busy because we had a ton of meetings and stuff.  It was fun, but also hard to do missionary work.  Our finding was really low, but we actually still did really good and saw lots of success... just not quite what we were hoping for.  I know the Lord's prepared children are out there... we just really need to find them.  This week we are really focusing on finding families and through our LA's.  We had some really neat experiences last week as we visited LA's they weren't home, but their families were and 2 of the mom's were excited to say a prayer with us.  So cool to tell their children after and encourage them to take their part in this missionary work.  One of the girls was so excited when we told her and so surprised.  So cute and she will definitely be stepping up to try and help her mom out. 

Sister O.... and I are growing and learning more and more every week.  It is so fun to see her progress and though mine may not be as apparent I know I have learned so much as well... especially about training.  She really helped me see some of my weaknesses and I am so grateful because as I worked on developing Charity this week I was really able to change and become a better trainer that could really help her grow and myself as well.  She has taught some powerful lessons this week that were led by the spirit.  I have never felt so happy as walking out of a lesson that my companion had just blasted our investigator with the spirit.  Our investigator went from maybe getting baptized to she will be getting baptized it is just about when and where.  She is actually from the USA and she is going back to Virginia on the 1st.  She will probably be adding me on facebook so you should give her a hello ;)  her name is xxxxx.  I seriously adore her!  She is like 18 and just an exchange student over here.  She happened to spend her last 4 months at one of our members houses.  The other sisters tried to teach her, but she really needed us.  She has opened up so much to us and really come closer to Christ.  So cool to see the spirit working on her to help her change.  We have also found some other pretty solid investigators lately through member referrals and stuff, but we really really need some good solid investigators coming up here.  I think that is every missionaries most difficult problem is finding.  Luckily I have learned that finding time doesn't just mean going to an area and talking to people for an hour.  There really are many ways to find and for us finding on the street was not an effective use of time, but we are perfecting the art of getting street referrals and this whole finding when you teach and teach when you find.  Preach my gospel is seriously the best thing ever!!! 

We also had an awesome privilege to go to Hualian for a zone conference.  Sooo fun and their area is seriously like heaven.  So fun to go and see a little bit and be in such a wonderful chapel, with such wonderful speakers.  I hope everyone really is catching this wave in missionary work.  The missionaries need people to teach and you are the ones who have friends and family that need the gospel and can open doors and hearts that otherwise would have been closed.  It is really a great lesson for us to learn how to strengthen this ward through the LA and RC and part member families.  This is our huge focus recently and it has been cool to see the miracles start to come.  It is hard sometimes with so many with Buddhist traditions, but I know the spirit can change those with that Buddhist tradition and can teach them truth.  

Well that is pretty much it for this week.  I love you all!

I have to say a special I LOVE YOU to father for father's day.  Thank you so much for the example you have set of Faith, Diligence, Charity, Humility, Obedience, Virtue, Hope, Patience... all of the Christlike attributes I have truly seen in you.  I am grateful for a father who did his best to teach by example.  It was a much more effective teacher and is still teaching me today.  The best is it is not only teaching me, but is affecting many lives over here in Taiwan as I try and share it with others.  Thank you and as I was looking back through my journal I saw how many times your small note or thought had a huge impact on me that week.  Thank you!  

Things are good in Taiwan... the work is good and I love it!


Sister Sara Gummow

Wen Jei mei ^_^ "

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