Monday, June 24, 2013

Halfway!! June 24, 2013

Sister Gummow reaches her halfway mark in her mission this week!  She sounded a bit discouraged in her email so keep praying for her and we know that she will come out on top!  She is learning and experiencing so many things that are helping her to grow and progress and she is doing hard things.  One thing that is getting her down is feeling sick.  Hopefully she and her companion will get feeling better and that will help a lot!

"Hello!  So what to share about this week...
This week was full of awesome meetings and exchanges and stuff.  I must admit this week has been a bit difficult.  It's not necessarily the work that is hard.  I love missionary work, but my companion has been getting progressively sick.  It is exhausting taking care of her and this area.    I haven't been feeling good either. Everyone keeps telling us it is because it is so hot, but I don't know if that is true.  I just know it is weird and I don't like it.  Being a missionary is really hard when you are sick.  Keep praying for us.   I can tell I am going to need it.  I feel like I had patience before my mission, but it has been tested over and over and I'm starting to get maxed out a bit.  

S....... is still progressing, but her testimony isn't quite there yet to get baptized, but she has made some awesome changes in her life.  We will refer her to the missionaries in Virginia.  We think it will be better for her to get her families support when she is there as well though hopefully it is not too much pressure.  She actually went and was a missionary with us on Wednesday.  It was fun because we are the little kid teachers for English class.  Sooo fun!!!  I seriously love teaching little kids.  

We also had zone conference this week.  There have been a lot of companionship problems this month between the Taiwanese and foreign missionaries.  The cultural differences and language differences have been a struggle, but the emphasis has been all about Christ like attributes.  I don't know what better way to overcome any problems than developing these Christ like attributes.  It has been a huge blessing in my life.  I am studying a lot about knowledge lately and my ability to teach and testify is getting better and better.  I feel like I understand more and more everyday.  I still have a looong way to go (like today my patience is a little thin... and I need more charity) but I can feel strongly that when we become like Christ, focus our lives on him, that everything works out.  

It was nice to go on some exchanges this week and learn from some more experienced missionaries.  It was fun to hear from them and learn from their experiences.  It was also a reunion for me because Sister Parker was in my last zone.  She has changed so much in 2 transfers!  She said I have too, but I still often feel too inadequate to do all the lord expects... and even worse sometimes... what I expect.  I think it is all about aligning our will and the lord's will into one - which is super hard sometimes.  I have been praying hard to know His will for me in this area right now, but I think I still don't completely understand.  

Mom I loved all the pictures and updates.  It helped lift my spirits and laugh a little.  Tell Jared a huge congratulations.  Oh small world thought was just the girl Cindy I ran into from Hawaii, she was going on a mission to New York and Sister Keanini just emailed me and said she is in her mission. How crazy is that!?  One of my members is moving to Pingdeng too and there is a good chance that Matt will move to her ward sometime before his mission ends so she said she would tell him hi for me.  It's so fun to see all these connections.  I can't believe Chad will be here in a few weeks!  So crazy!!!  It will be awesome to see him ( If I get moved out of Taidong... otherwise it might be awhile before I see anyone).   His Chinese is probably already so good!  A lot of the new missionaries have really awesome Chinese.

We did see some miracles with our investigators progress though.  It has been good to see them start connecting gospel principles and keeping commitments.   

Last thing was I can't believe Daniel and Bryanna.  They look so old!!!  Bry your hair is gorgeous and Dan is so tall!!! 

Wen Jei mei

P.S.  our goal for tonight is to find 3 new investigators today so pray for us.  I need some extra faith right now! " 

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