Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Tui ni de fu" September 2, 2013

Another week for Sara in Taidong!  I think this week in her second set of weeks in the transfer, so she'll be here at least another 6 weeks.  Things seem to be going well for Sara, but she needs some prayers for her investigators.  Pray that their hearts will be open to the spirit and they learn the gospel and that their desires will be to be baptized!

Hello dearest family!

Thank you for the email!  It put a huge smile on my face and I kept laughing at various parts... especially imagining mom at Costco driving the electric cart with grandma walking beside her.  I also can't believe your luck in getting over the injury so quickly.  Sooo awesome!  Mom, the lord really does love you so much!  I know it's not Mother's day, but I also just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for you example to me.  This week we had like 2 ward activities and did 2 FHE's with different families.  It was really awesome and at every one I got to bear testimony of how this gospel has blessed our family. 

 As we did our Hawaiian activity (huge success btw!!!  Thank you for all you help mom!!!)  I was just struck again how grateful I am for all you have taught me.  Sometimes I may take off a bit too much to bite, but I know that my talents and abilities have blessed many lives... not to mention how much every single person loves the oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  I get volunteered to make them for things all the time (sooo funny).  

Apparently, I am known as the one who can cook though before my mission, this was not heard of...  ha ha "tui ni de fu" a saying in Chinese that means "stole your blessings", but really means just like "I learned it from you".  

So besides all the successful activities, we also had a few cool experiences this week.  We have about 4 families we are teaching right not.  They may not really be progressing right now, but it is still cool to be teaching so many families.  So far it is mostly the moms/women who are really progressing, but we are going to get there.  First I want to talk about all my Wen Jie mei sisters.  Apparently if anyone has the last name wen we are destined to be best friends.  One of the investigators families the wife is named wen h.......  Their English names are M.... and L.....  We have actually been meeting with her since I got here.  She was a former who set up with us when we came into the area.  It was cool because it went from us just teaching her to us meeting the whole family and the whole family has been befriended by our ward.  They love our ward activities and have some great friends there.  The thing is they still haven't come to church and are not really interested when we talk about the gospel.  I really believe that they will someday though.  They have so many great friends in our ward that even if they don't get baptized while I am here, I know they will someday.  

The other Wen Jeimei is a less active.  When I first got here we were able to befriend her and she came to church a few times.  lately it has been harder though and she refuses to set up appointments because it is really inconvenient for her.  She loves talking on the phone though so I started a new thing where I call her everyday and we share scriptures with each other.  I still don't know what kind of influence it will have, but I am praying that getting her to read the scriptures everyday really will have a great influence.  

Another cool less active story-   We went to visit our LA, J.... Jeimei. - so background is that she is a lady who came here from mainland China.  She met Christians in mainland and when she came here she already had a testimony of Christ.  She got baptized pretty quickly, but she doesn't necessarily have a testimony of the restoration so she kind of goes to other churches too sometimes, but she has been a lot more active lately.  Anyways after she got baptized, her son got baptized.  He stopped coming to church 3 years ago after his father died.  He was very bitter toward god.  I have never met him before, but one night a few weeks ago the elders set up a time to visit her and invited us to go too.  When we got there they invited her son to come in too.  It was cool because as we started teaching there were just question that kept popping into our minds to ask him.  He opened up and told us sooo much of why he hadn't been going to church.  I really felt the spirit guiding me to answer his questions.  I was very bold about my replies and after was a bit afraid because I just hoped my boldness did not offend him.  I had copied a child's prayer in Chinese and as we left I just gave him a copy and asked him to read it.  I told him if he prayed I know that god would answer him... so anyways I thought he went back to school the next week, but as we met with J..... Jie mei we found out he is still here!  She has been worried about him and just thanked us.  She said that after we left he said he really like us and we had answered questions that no one had been able to answer him before (I know that was only the spirit finally letting it touch his heart and teach him).  She thanked us for our words and said we didn't know how much of an impact it made.  It was really cool because after my companion and I were able to teach her an awesome lesson and commit her to reading the book of Mormon everyday.  

We are praying that this month we can see some miracles and help 3 people be baptized.  Please pray for me and my companion in filling this goal.  We are hoping Z.... Jei mei and W... 's family can be prepared this month for this wonderful blessing.  It is really all in the Lord's hands though so the more faith added to our prayers the better.  

Thank you for all your support.  I can not lie and say I am not a little discouraged by some of the numbers we have been getting, but I know that I will keep doing my best and loving everyone!  My companion is teaching me a lot and probably the most important thing is that I need to stop taking everything so seriously and just learn how to laugh sometimes.  Happy missionaries always have the most success.  I love you and I'm so grateful for all you do for me!

I am off to see some cool place in Taidong today so I'll try and take some good pictures for you all!!!

Love you!

Wen jei mei ^-^  

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