Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Concerts :)

 Sister Gummow seems to be extra busy these days.  She was chosen to be part of a Missionary Christmas Choir and they keep them extra busy in addition to her Sister Training Leader Responsibilities.  I wish I could send her a few extra hours to add to each day!

"Ya, so this week sounds like we were pretty much up to the same things ha ha we were going to lots of concerts and performing.... super busy and super fun.  so between our exchanges with sisters and performances our time is really limited... like we can't even meet with some of our investigators because we don't have time.  Super super lame, but the lord is still very efficiently making up for our time.  We have had so many awesome member referalls this month.  I really think in the next month or two we will be seeing their baptisms and I am very excited about it.  The biggest problem is still helping people get to church, but I know we can do it and we are having a nice focus on it this month so I hope to see that changing soon.  

 I also got both letters and my companion and I love all the CDs.  she can't listen to the talks because she doesn't understand, but I will definitely find a time to listen to them.  I might have an american companion next, but probably not. I feel like I might end my time in taiwan with "bundiren" (natives)  I am actually super grateful that I have been blessed with so many natives because it has really helped my chinese and when I can't read or write things they can always help out.   so so nice :)  our p-day will also be moved to the 24th or 25th I can't remember which, but yes I love all the stuff.  the scriptures every day are really fun too and bring a special Christmas spirit.  

So i think the thing i have learned the most lately is how much the lord loves us.  It is really fun to do exchanges and see how different every exchange experience is.  It is cool to see how the lord knows exactly what we need.  He tailors every exchange, every day, every hour to fit those specific people.  I really believe more and more that the miracles we see are exactly what the lord knows we need to see.  I love being a missionary and I love having the lord be such a close part in my life.  We had a general authority come, Elder Packer (70's) who is over the family history department.  It was so cool to hear him speak.  What stood out to me the most was how we can so clearly see the spirit of Elijah in our lives.  He invited us to share family stories.  It is amazing how quickly the spirit comes in when we are sharing a favorite memory.  If we can do this with people on the street, LA's, members going through trials... really anyone it will bring such a great light into the room and this principle of families can open many hearts.  So I invite you all to take time to discuss a family story with someone everyday.  When you hear theirs and share yours notice the wonderful spirit that is there and remember how the lord wants us to have these things forever!  

His wife also spoke about exact obedience and how we do it because it allows us to more fully have the spirit to be with us.  I know that this is so true. I really can feel the difference in a day where I got up right on time and started all my studies on time vs a day that maybe I was running about 5 min. late.  it may only be 5 min., but it throws the spirit off 5 min too and sometimes we need it right now not 5 min. later.  I really have seen and felt the blessing of obedience... sometimes we can't control our companions, but we can be perfectly obedient in our own spheres and I have really felt the difference in the spirit when perfectly obedient and when I am not.  I think this applies to you all really well because it is the same principle with all the commandments including reading scriptures and praying.  When we get lazy with any of these things the spirit won't be with us as much, but I know as you do - that the spirit will more and more be a part of our lives.  I love you all and sorry time is running a bit short so i gotta go, but I love you!!!

Sister Sara Gummow  

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