Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Letter!

We just received a letter in the mail from Sister Gummow (Wen Jie mei) that she wrote towards the end of last week, but we have yet to received an email.

I will paraphrase her letter home:

She says she is doing great!!  She has already seen lots of people she knows who are at the MTC.  Her companion is Sis Bond and she likes her a lot and thinks they make a great team!  Sis  Bond knows some Chinese and is good with the tones and vocabulary and Sara is good at listening and picking up on the words.  She said Sis. Bond is really nice and they are in a room with 3 other girls (5 total).  Sara has been able to adapt to the rigorous schedule and even thinks she will be able to eat okay there (she is a super-picky eater).  There are 6 missionaries in their district.  Two sisters and 4 elders.  One of the elders is from Utah headed to France, Mandarin speaking, one is from Montreal, Canada and headed to France, Mandarin Speaking - and the other two Elders are going to Taipei with Sara.

She has been able to see and talk to Matt!  She said he was sooo happy to see her. She was able to give him a hug!  He thought she might have changed her mind about going (she showed up late for her check-in time and had him worried!).  She says he is so happy and he loves the language and has learned so much. She says the schedule is very manageable and she even got ready for the day in time (the first of many miracles!!)

Here are a few quotes from her letter:  "I can't wait to really learn Chinese.  I can already feel the Lord blessing me.  I hope to learn and speak every day!"  and  "I absolutely love everything here.  The MTC is inspired.  I love you all very much!  Thank you for everything!!"

*We will add more when her email comes through!

Chinese Proverb:

Teachers open the door.
You enter by yourself.
2 Nephi 2:27, 2 Nephi 9:29

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