Tuesday, May 28, 2013

"Hola, como estas!", May 27,2013

On Mother's day during our Skype call, we got to meet Sara's companion.  She asked what to do for Sara on her upcoming birthday.  I had heard the cheesecake was really delicious in Taiwan and I knew Sara loved cheesecake.  They were somewhat doubtful that it could be found in Taidong, but from this picture, it looks like they found it!  Speaking of finding, there was a post on Sara's facebook page by a friend who worked with her at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii who happened to find her brother who is serving his mission in Taichung.  You can see the picture and read more about it on his blog.  Small world!!  She never told us what was happening in the pictures at the bottom, but obviously they are learning to cook something!  I hope it turned out well!  Here are some quotes from her email this week!

"Hey I got the package!  Thank you so much mom!  I loved it :)  We are going to make the cake today and try out some Mexican food with the elders.  Ha ha I still don't love Mexican food, but it is the only thing we can't find over here so I figured it was a good thing to ask for.  Even better we might try and do a Fiesta activity with the youth here so that will be super fun!

This week was one of the lowest number weeks on my mission, but it was still great and we did see miracles.  I absolutely hate knocking doors, but this week we decided to try it out... hence hardly any new investigators, but I could see how the lord put us in certain places, at certain times for a reason.  There are many people waiting to hear this gospel and it was cool to teach people about the restoration.  We have been doing our best to follow the zone and district invites, especially about focusing on the temple.  This has been a huge blessing in my companion and I's lives.  It really has given us a new fire.  Every time we bear testimony of the temple I feel the spirit testify so strongly of our words.

So challenge of the week is that I am realizing trainers really do 1. have to express their confidence in their companion 2. challenge them. I forgot how much the language barrier holds us back from progressing.  I also remember how mad I would get at my companion sometimes because she didn't understand that.  Ha ha now I am so grateful to her.  She NEVER let me use my language as an excuse not to do something.  I am trying to be better at that.  I am so willing to take everything on myself, but I'm realizing that when I do this the miracles stop happening because I am not fulfilling my responsibility.  This is a great lesson for me to learn and I am glad we still have a while together so we can see my companion truly blossom and become a "Preach my gospel" missionary.

So funny story of yesterday.  We decided the best chance to get some more RCLA visits was in this area about 15 min from our house.  We headed over there and as we left one with no success we ran into a lady with very long hair.  She was exercising but decided to stop and talk to us.  She wants to learn English and reminds me of a hippie from the 60's.  She is great and invited us to visit her right then to eat some aboriginal food... we were excited and thought this was a little miracle from God... that is until she gave us the food and it was... probably the most disgusting thing I have eaten since being on island.  Ha ha it was the trial of my life to eat the whole thing and I don't even know if my face was able to fake the smile I tried so hard to put on my face.  Luckily the night was saved as she allowed us to pray with us and told us the time she had when we could come back.  Ha ha we will see how it goes, but it was definitely an adventure.

I love Taiwan and I love being here.  Thank you all for your birthday wishes.  It really was a great boost and just what I needed.  Thank you for your love and support!  Tell Julia "congrats" as well and I can't wait to see her here!

Love you all!

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