Monday, May 20, 2013

Shengri Kuaile! Happy Birthday Sara!

Today was Sister Sara Gummow's birthday already in Taiwan (since they are 14 hours ahead of us)  Sadly, her birthday package has not reached her yet-  even though I sent it over 2 weeks ago.  I guess it goes to the mission home first and she is far away from the mission home.  She said things are kind of remote there and it takes awhile to get mail and such.  The package contains lots of chocolate  so I hope it doesn't melt too much! Luckily, she has her p-day on her birthday so she can do a little bit of celebrating!  Here are some quotes from this week's email and a picture of her Zone in Taidong:

 Wow I feel so lucky! First I got to Skype with you last P-day and now I get to email right on my birthday.  Skyping you all was so fun btw.  I am glad you figured out the whole 5.0 thing so that we could have a 3 way.  Everyone seriously does look different, but it is fun to see the changes and also see that some things never change.  Ha ha! the Gummow family is the best! 

So for updates on this week.  We really have seen some awesome miracles.  The first miracle is that last P-day we met with a member referral, xxx jm.  A member in the 1st branch just stopped us in the hallway on Wednesday after English class and said she set up a time with her friend and asked us to come teach her on Monday   Um... of course! we would love to!  Such a huge blessing and she was so awesome!  She set a baptismal date and was excited to be learning more about God. 

 Later on that week we met with another investigator that the Elders had given us.  She is a cute 17 yr old girl who needs to feel God's love.  When we talked about baptism with her, I have never seen anyone so excited.  Even better she brought her best friend with her and said she had other friends who would be interested in hearing.  She said she would bring them with her in future visits.  

Another great miracle was that last week we met a girl in the street visiting a LA.  She has 5 brothers and sisters and takes care of them while her parents are at work.  She is only 16, but she is so prepared.  We were able to teach her and all of her siblings about the restoration.  They are actually a christian family and go to church every week, but the kids were so cute and it was so fun to visit with them.  The sad thing is we went back to try and meet the parents and the parents rejected us, but we are NOT giving up!   Pray that their hearts will be softened and they will let us teach the family!  

Last miracle was a super cool one.  So on Saturday nothing in our schedule was going according to plan, but we decided we still wanted to go out and find the parents of the family I was just talking about.  We had only a few minutes we could tract before we wanted to go there, so we stopped by a walking path that we had planned to contact people on.  As we pulled up we weren't sure if we should stay there because there weren't very many people.  We decided it was fine, so we went to talk to a lady who had been riding her bike.  Turns out she is from the Philippines and she had only been there for 5 months.  She had just gotten married to a Taiwanese man in the Philippines and then moved to Taiwan.  She is Christian and has been looking for a church.  She has been having a hard time adjusting to all the things in marriage and a new country.  Her husband is Buddhist so that has been hard too, but despite that she has been praying everyday.  She told us that she had just been feeling like her heart was so heavy and she knew it was the Lord answering her prayers that she found us.  She asked us if she could come to church.  We gave her directions prayed with her and she even wrote out a prayer in Tagalog for us so I will be practicing my Tagalog ha ha.  Even better she wants to share the gospel with her husband, but he won't listen... however, he wants to learn English. So as our weekly service, we are going to try and teach him and her English together for like an hour.  I hope this will open some doors for him to hear the gospel!  

It truly is the Lord's work and I am seeing more and more how everyday he is making such weak and imperfect servants tools in His hands.  I am so grateful that I can be a part of His work here in Taiwan.  I love you all and loved talking to you on Mother's Day!  Jia you!!!

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