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Christmas in September! Sept 30, 2013

This week she got the package we were lucky enough to send over with a neighbor who was there on business and staying right near the mission home!  Sister Gummow shared with us her reflections on the past year and the things she has learned:

Sister Gummow - One year ago
Sister Gummow -2013
 -Moving mountains - even on P-day

"Dear Family,

Thank you for the package Brother Dobson delivered!!!  It was a wonderful surprise and came the day after I hit my year mark - so it was a fun little party.  I loved the skirt!  It came at a great time.  Sometimes I look at pictures and realize I am wearing the same thing at that moment as I was in the picture... this happens a lot so I figured I should start expanding my wardrobe a bit - but it's ok because we just get used to it ha ha.  
The food was wonderful too.  We were all very excited.  Ha ha my friends think I am spoiled because we had a whole transfer's worth of mail that they finally sent us!  so thank you to David for the letter as well as all the facebook updates from mom and the letter from the Kano's.  Wen Zhanglao (Elder Gummow), I was sooo happy you wrote me too!  Tell all the newly weds congrats for me!  I can't believe all the people who got married!  It was fun to hear from Seulbee too.  

Before I forget, next week our P-day is changing times too.  It will be on a Tuesday not a Monday because we are having a special zone conference on Monday.

So some things I was reflecting on as I looked back on the past year:
I have learned about Faith, Hope, Charity and Humility more than I ever thought I possibly could... and now I feel like I am just beginning.  It is funny how that happens.  It takes us until we reach a new perspective to really see.  

I can now sit in sacrament meeting and feel the spirit just as strongly as I can in English.

It is more comfortable for me to bear my testimony in Chinese than in English.

I love people more deeply and am more in tune to their needs.

I LOVE finding
I LOVE teaching
I LOVE inviting

Being a missionary is a part of me.  It comes almost effortlessly.  I really have realized that the key to success is our willingness to change and to rely on the lord.

This week my companion and I taught 30 lessons.  8 to LA, 5 to Members 10 to others and 7 others had a member present.  

Not all of our investigators are where I would like them to be, but I know that I love them and the Lord loves them.  He blesses us when we do all we can to build the kingdom.  I noticed that as we focused once again on bringing back the lost sheep He really helped us in the other areas even though we may not have as much finding time as usual.  Our fast for missionary work ended up really well and we have been finding some really awesome new investigators that want to get baptized.  

I feel like taidong is my home.  I really love it here.  I loved Neihu, but the lord wanted me here in Taidong.  I love the members and the investigators here.  They really are my family.  It is so fun to walk in to church or an activity and just feel like I am joining my family.  The branch president has adopted us.  He really loves the sister missionaries and we have a special relationship with their family.  Mother you would be grateful for his wife wang ma ma.  They really have done so much for me.  I LOVE their family.  If there is anything that I could give them to send in the package I would appreciate it.  They loooove music so maybe a CD or something (wang huizhangs favorite song is a poor wayfaring man of grief  if you could hie to kolob, or ring out wild bells, and wang ma mas is children of our heavenly father.)  I will be brainstorming ideas of what I can do for them.  We have 2 more weeks until transfers, but I am thinking there is a good chance I have one more transfer here.  We will see, but I could definitely see myself being here one more.   

This week I saw sooo many miracles, but the one I want to write about is N.....  I wrote about her a little last week, but this week we had a cool experience.  So we never really have been able to teach her about the restoration so I was worried that she wouldn't get why our religion and others is different (she is christian)  she told us this week that she may be going back to the Philippines next week.  I was so sad, but as we were bearing testimony to her we all felt the spirit so strongly.  We knew that the Lord wanted us all to meet.  It was really Him so aware of her needs.  We were back on the bike trail where we first met and it just hit me so strongly how aware the Lord was of N....  He was preparing her.  She said that the Mormon church is right by her house and the missionaries have often knocked on their door.  She said she will go when she is there.  She realizes how much the lord loves her.  She said that she knows as she is meeting with the missionaries in the Philippines that her sisters in Taiwan will be taking care of her husband and trying to help him.  It is amazing to me to be apart of this amazing team.  I have no doubt that the missionaries in the Philippines will take care of her just as well as we are here.  I have so much trust and love for the missionaries all over the world.  We are working for the greatest cause.  We really do need everyone's support, but I know the Lord is with us every step of the way.  I know my sacrifice is a small price to pay to know the lord the way I have come to know Him.

Daniel and Bryanna, I have a special message for you.  I want you to go and take a look at the Come Follow Me program.  They talk about how these things can help youth be more prepared for their missions so that when you are here your spiritual growth is even more.  You can really hit the ground running.  I want to tell you that our stake already has this.  I didn't realize it until I was here, but you have so many great resources and opportunities to grow spiritually.  Take advantage of it.  When I got to Taiwan because of wonderful leaders, parents, and friends I was able to hit the ground running and I haven't stopped.  I know that it will be the same for you if you really take advantage of the resources you have.  Step up and take the lead.  Offer to talk, to say the prayers, to serve.  The more you serve the lord now the happier you will be.  Don't wait or the opportunities might pass you by.  I know waaay too many missionaries who have so many regrets about what they did before their missions.  Don't be like that.  Live so that every day you can say yes I have done good in the world and yes I know my savior more.  NO regrets... that's not a saying just for missionaries.  It starts now with you guys.  I can say that before my mission I have no regrets and so now I have no regrets and this pattern I know will continue so after my mission I can say I have no regrets too.  The lord loves you.  If you put Him first you will find that Jesus Christ is really that best friend that you have been hoping for.  He is always there.  I know because even in the hardest times of my mission when I felt so alone.... or even worse I felt like everything and everyone was counting on me and I couldn't do it... I realized I didn't have to worry... the lord is always there!  

More than anything this past year is I have learned that I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me.

I love you all so much and I am praying for you.  Thank you for your support and love.  It always puts a smile on my face.  

Love, Sister Gummow"

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