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Transfers and Temple Day! Oct 15, 2013

Sister Gummow's email came today.  We were starting to wonder if it would, but it was temple day for her in her new area so P-day was changed to Wednesday.  She had time to send a few photos so it was worth the wait! 
 Here is one from the Luau activity that they organized for the ward in Taidong.  It looks like they are shredding some Kahlua Pork

The one below is with a beloved family in Taidong - the wife is from Cambodia

`Hello family!!!
I am writing from the wonderful city of Tuchen/Xinban.  I think the Lord just thinks it is funny that I have no sense of direction and I love riding my bike so He sent me to another one of the largest areas in the mission, but now in the city!  Ha ha our area covers two wards and about 4 different cities.  Right now they don't have many investigators and only 1 baptismal date, but I am excited to use all I have learned and all my companion has learned and go to work building this area.

 My new companion's name is Sister D.  She is from Taiwan-Jaiyi.  She is so cute and really an awesome sister missionary.  She is also 22 and we will actually be going home together.  We are a "co da" companionship which just means that we have the same responsibilities.  Even better, we are Sister Training Leaders over two of the zones here.  We have about 16 sisters that we get to watch over. They are all awesome sisters and I am looking forward to getting to know them more.  I think it is interesting the Lord just wants to keep me in training my whole mission.  Ha ha I just haven't learned what He wanted me to learn yet... but I do love it because I learn so so so much from the other sisters.

I am exhausted from all the traveling, new meetings and responsibilities, but I love it.  I am so happy.  Just last night my companion turned and thanked me for all I was teaching her.  She said even though we had only been together for 5 days that she had learned so much and she was so grateful for me.  She is really an angel. I am going to work on really becoming a preach my gospel missionary and I am so excited for the opportunity to teach these people.

 It is also fun to have 2 wards to be working with.  Sooo many members who are so awesome.  really cool to be around - so many solid members who are excited about the work of salvation.

General conference was wonderful!  My companion and I actually had the opportunity to watch it half in Chinese and half in English.  She offered to watch the whole thing in English, but she doesn't understand it at all.  I was surprised at how much I did understand in Chinese.  It didn't have the same effect on me, but it was still wonderful and I can't wait to continue to study all the direction and counsel they gave us.

I love love love being a missionary and I realize more and more now how much I have learned.  I only have 6 more months so I am going to make it worth every second and give my very all.  I am grateful to be working with a companion who is so skilled!  I am sure we will have our challenges too, but mostly just happy to be with such a great missionary!

Well here we go for another week.  I love you all!!!

Sister Gummow

PS I loved all the pictures from Arizona.  It looked like so much fun!  We definitely need a reunion with all the cousins sometime after I get back!  I can't believe how much everyone has grown up.  I am so so happy and grateful to see how much the lord is blessing our family.  Good luck with tests, dad, and mom thank you for all you do to keep us updated.  It really is a needed uplift to read your emails each week.  Thank you!!!!

Here are some pictures she sent of their Outdoor Zone Training last week before transfers:

 A P-day hike a couple of weeks ago with a family from Taidong

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