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Lots of miracles! October 7, 2013

It was a wonderful week for Sister Gummow in Taidong!  Her email came a day late because of a Zone Conference that she gave us a "heads up" on last week.  They did a hike as part of their training which se really enjoyed and told us of the many miracles that happened this week as they taught the Gospel.  Next week is transfers so we will be interested to hear what the near future holds for her!

Hello Dearest family!!!

So crazy things in Taidong... We have been seeing sooo many finding miracles lately.  We have been having awesome member referrals, elder referrals, and investigator referrals.  Our teaching pool is growing everyday.  We have hardly any time to find and every time we do we are successful!  There was only one day this week that we were faced with a lot of rejection and fallen through plans.  That was on Saturday, but then when I went and looked at what we did I realized that we had already made most of our goals and so the lord knew all along.  It is OK because we have to have both the rejections and the acceptations to fully understand how great all the miracles the Lord is giving us.  

Here are a few of our new investigators.  One is named l... JM, Even, she is a referral from a member in the 1st branch.  She recently got divorced and is taking care of her two little girls all by herself.  She came to our English class (which her girls loved) and then we set up with just her later on.  We has a great lesson with her.  When I said the opening prayer the spirit came in sooo strong and we were all crying by the time I finished.  She was so touched and really felt of God's love for her.  She is busy and has many trials, but the member said she talked to her later and she was so touched by her experience and for sure will keep meeting with us. Members are the best! 

Then another cool miracle was - we went really far to find one of our RC's who has been really struggling lately.  She has class at Taidong Daxue (college) but in an area called Zhi Ben which is about a 45 min to an hour bike ride away.  So we show up just hoping we caught her in time to meet with her.  Right before she came out we said a prayer that after coming so far she would be able to bring a friend so we could have a new investigator.  She did... her friend was actually another RC in our ward who is her boyfriend... BUT... as we were sitting there waiting we were just talking to others and inviting them to our English class and met a girl and invited her to eat with us.  Turns out she has only been in Taidong for a few weeks. She is from Gaoxiong and it is her first time away from home and she doesn't know many people.  It was so cool to see the Lord not only answer our prayers, but do even more...and I love her!  Her name is Liz and we are already good friends. 

 ha ha another cool miracle... so when I first came in to Taidong 6 months ago there was a girl named ch........ who got baptized a few weeks before, but because of some different things she never got confirmed.  We worked with her for awhile and though she has a testimony she could never quite put god as her first priority.  We stopped meeting with her, but would call her every once and awhile.  This week my companion and I kept thinking about her and finally called her.  Turns out she has turned over a new leaf.  She wants to try and put God first.  She quit her job so she could come to church on Sunday and when she found a new job that required her to work on Sunday she decided it wasn't worth it.  She is really getting it and wants to put God first in her life again.  We are going to be working on helping her get confirmed in the next few weeks and endure to the end!  

Final miracle of yesterday actually was - we met a really cool new investigator named C......  She is also a Taidong Daxue student.  Well we met with her for the 3rd time yesterday and she brought her friend with her.  They were both so cute.  Though they don't really understand everything, they like the feeling they have and want to have it more.  They both set baptism dates for 11/30.  Sooo cool!  

So sooo many miracles!

This coming week will be very interesting though.  We had stake conference on Sunday in Hualian (3 hours away) and then they came out yesterday for our outdoor zone conference.  It was so cool!  We went on a hike in Tai Ma Li and not only hiked but had training in the beautiful outdoors.  Dad you would have really appreciated it. It was so cool to be taught in such a beautiful place.  The lord really loves us!  anyways tomorrow we have our English class Halloween party and then on Thursday we are going to Taipei for transfers.  We still don't know who is moving, so I might be writing you from a new area next week.... but whatever happens I know the Lord loves us and he has a wonderful plan.  i know wherever i go it will be the lords will.  I am excited for whatever challenge He decides to give me next (though I must admit I am really hoping this next transfer will be a bit of a break on the challenges)  So... pray that all will go well and whatever happens that my investigators here in Taidong will all be taken good care of :(  I love them all so much!!!  

My thoughts and prayers are with you all!

Tell Michelle I said congratulations they looked beautiful together!  I still can't believe how much Bry is growing up and Daniel driving from St. George... he's probably better at driving than I am already!  So crazy!!!

The whole package did come mom and I loved it all.  It came at just the right time too.  so fun!!
I also got a wedding invite from Joseph Kujanpaa.  Tell him congrats for me!  I was so excited and his wife looks perfect for him.  Are they really moving to China?!  I also loved seeing Tyler, Stephen, and the others wedding pictures.  So crazy!  tell them congrats on FB for me too if you get a chance.  ha ha anyways time is running short so I better go, but I love you all very very much and am more and more grateful for you guys everyday!  

Love,  Sister Sara Gummow 

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