Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March is here!

March is already here and Sara sent some pictures of the lantern festival they were able to see in the pouring February rain.  The next one is at a Family Home Evening with some members

These are from the conference with President Holland.  She is right behind Sister Holland in the big picture.

"Yay! The first week in March was already filled with so so many miracles.  It is so crazy to see how much the adversary works on each of us to get us down, but when we can keep the hope of the gospel as a bright light in us it doesn't matter what is going on!  We can overcome it.  I have seen this power working to get the missionaries down and investigators, members... everyone.  It seems like Satan's greatest goal is to keep us focused on the darkness rather than the light.  Can you imagine if you looked up at the night sky and all you could see was the dark sky?  If you focused too much on the darkness it would be scary and lonely, but if you can look at the bright and beautiful stars it can turn a scary dark night into a wonderful amazing experience full of little miracles everywhere... that is how I feel like my mission is now.  I think the things I have gone through really have helped me forget myself and my own nothingness and focus on the greatness of god... He is all powerful, all knowing, and has enough love to fill any dark spaces.  I have realized while the darkness is there the miracles are more frequent and a lot more beautiful!

This week one of the miracles that really touched my heart was hearing a 14 yr old girl say her first prayer.  She was really hesitant about us missionaries at her door and about learning more about god, but after we said a prayer she was more curious and she was willing to accept our invite to say her own prayer everyday.  We wanted her to help us close our lesson with a prayer, but she was really nervous to say a prayer.  We talked to her and comforted her and explained prayer a few more times.  Then, we just waited.  She finally started and as she made it about 2 sentences into her prayer she started to pray for her father and became very emotional and finished the prayer in a rush.  I knew that it was her feeling her heavenly father listening to her prayer and that he really cared about this little girls father just as much as she did.  I love being able to witness people praying for the first time!  So cool to see them start to realize their eternal worth. 

The funny miracle was that we totally snuck into the apartment building because someone had just opened the door so we quickly ran in... it was obvious we didn't have a key to get around this building, but as we were knocking, we ran into the landlord and he told us anytime we wanted to come there to let him know and he would let us in and if anyone asked to tell them he said we could come in... ya what?  so cool!  ha ha and he said to visit anytime.  So there are cool people in the world who like us!  

Other than that, we were able to find 6 new investigators.  Most of which were found from knocking doors and asking for referrals, investigators family members who met with us because we were meeting at their house, or knocking doors at our LA's apartment buildings while trying to find LA's.  There are truly many many ways to find.  

I have a feeling march madness is going to come to us in a bit of a different way - full of tons of tons of miracles!

Loved the pictures and so proud of my bro!  I was actually there (at the temple) the next day and one of my ward members told me she saw him there.  Pretty awesome!!  Well I think that is about everything for now.  LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Sister Sara Gummow"

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