Tuesday, March 11, 2014

"Tsunami" to Beitou

Dear Family,

So this week we did a fun little Tsunami to Beitou... which means for exchanges we both left our area and went to stay at the sisters in Beitou.  We wanted to help them out with some finding and hopefully help them get a few more lessons.  Unfortunately we didn't help out in all the ways we wanted, but it was still an awesome exchange and I know the sisters there are going to find so much success.  They are awesome!  
Other than that small Tsunami we once again had Tsunami's of miracles... but I must explain because they were a bit interesting...

So we had 7 new investigators... which is really crazy considering we were out of our area on the best finding night (friday and sat afternoon) and we had a leadership council meeting that took up our Wednesday.  We hardly had any other lessons with people on the street or anything and faced a ton of rejection, but it was cool to see that after rejection after rejection the lord gave us more little diamonds.  Every person we actually were able to stop and teach ended up setting up times to meet with us later and most of those people were families of 2 or more.  2 of which were also a member referral of a great family who really needs the gospel right now.  It was way different than what they are used to being buddhist, but they are more than willing to try.  They were even willing to set baptism dates with us and the wife asked us if that was the soonest she could get baptized.  It took us so off guard I don't know if we really responded in the right way... but it's ok they set the date and are on their way to getting to know their loving heavenly father.  

Another was an aborigine family of 3. They reminded me so much of so many of the people I loved so much in Taidong.  They are so cool and are going to teach us an aborigine song next time.  They also are willing to be baptized, but are already christian so didn't quite understand why they need to be baptized again, but next time we will definitely get them on board.  

The last was another cool family.  The mother is from Thailand, but her children all grew up in Taiwan.  She is divorced and a little xinku, but she is also already christian.  She doesn't go to church though, but has definitely felt the spirit before.  She also has a teenage son that was really interested.  He also wanted to invite one of his friends to come too.  Even better - he goes to the same school as my recent convert x... jie mei.  She said on Sunday that her and her brother would talk to him and invite him to church too.  Sooo awesome and lots of potential things going on too.  

Other than that we didn't get a ton of time to meet with our already progressing investigators, but they are all doing well.  The biggest challenge is still trying to get everyone to church, but the members have really been trying to step up and help us lately.  It has been fun to see how with a little encouragement the members are just so willing to help out.  They love this gospel too and want to share it, but sometimes it is really hard to know how.  We are really trying to have a focused effort with them and work in unity.  

Sounds like a lot of people are going through a rough time right now.  I was reading the scriptures this week and came upon a verse that talks about the last days.  It says specifically that we would see "men's hearts failing"  It brought to mind this mormon message:
Every time it makes me cry, but I also know how much the lord is with us every step of the way.  The thing that has been emphasized to me over and over again is how grateful we should be to have living apostles and prophets.  There are so many who are facing difficult challenges, but they are facing it without the anchor of faith (ether 12:4)... the anchor that can hold us steady in a world of confusion.  

Our church topic this Sunday was about how to strengthen our faith and one of the members told us of this funny experience when he was 20.  He and his friend decided they wanted to bike around taiwan.   So - to do this they were going to pack a tent and stuff and then stop at different elementary schools on the way to use their showers and stuff.  He said they had never really had that kind of experience before and they doubted their own ability so they had some money set aside so if they made it to a certain point and thought they couldn't make it they could take a bus home.  He said as they started it seemed really hard and almost impossible, but everyday they got stronger and whenever they made a wrong turn or got down it seemed like they would always run into little angels who would help them out (feed them and let them stay at their house...)  As they went on they went into areas where people were not quite as nice and the challenges were a bit harder, but because of their past experience they knew they could make it.  He said this journey is a lot like our journey in the gospel.  Sometimes we start out and maybe we don't even have much faith in ourselves.  We think of a plan B... if we fail, if we give up, then we can just go home, we can go back to who we used to be or what we used to be.  We may look at the distance to perfection and think there is no way we can do it, but as we start whether it be rain or shine, the lord will always be there to support us and give us little miracles on the way.  The thing is once we get stronger he may send us harder challenges, but it's just because He has Faith in US.  He trusts US.  I know that is exactly how the lord feels about our family and sometimes trials open doors to the gospel that may never have been there before.  When we are humble the lord can turn and make us strong.  The most important thing is that we cannot give up!  We must keep going with that "Perfect brightness of HOPE"  and we have to help others to see it too.  I know that you all have that power to turn our families view heaven ward.  To reach towards heaven and let him pour out more blessings and strengthen your faith.  

I have great faith in you all and I hope you are all preparing yourselves to hear the prophets words!  I am so excited to see what tools the lord has to help us overcome these challenges and come closer to our Savior.  

I LOVE YOU so much!!!


Wen Jie mei

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