Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 25, 2013

We were excited to read about the new church website
 for the Chinese people who join the church outside of Mainland China
Sara is feeling more comfortable in Taiwan and staying focused on her purpose there.  She continues to learn and grow in amazing ways while bringing hope and comfort to the people of Neihu.

"My companion is wonderful.  She is so great about supporting me and helping me improve. At first, I felt very alone sometimes.  I don't feel like that anymore.  The Lord has also been blessing us with many miracles.  I am slowly learning what to "boldy" invite means and that it is ok to be super awkward sometimes.  I am not here to be everyone's favorite person or best friend.  I am here to boldy and courageously invite others to come unto Christ... unfortunately this week I really felt like all of our investigators are dying off...

We had so many people cancel and so many say they were too busy to meet with us.  Luckily the ones we have I was so nervous to challenge or do anything because so many were canceling and "dying" (I think that means they are not interested anymore - not really dying) and I didn't want to mess anything up.  My poor companion had to deal with my stressing out about teaching them and times to visit them and stuff.  The thing was... when I finally met with them I realized that I can pretty much do anything because we have already established that foundation of love.  They know they are not just a number.  They know that I want to help them know Christ and know truth.  They are like my Taiwanese sisters and brothers.  It was comforting to know that sometimes I may mistakes, but at least my investigators know of my love for them and because of this we can progress together. 

L.. JM hasn't figured out a way to meet with us this week, but I am still confident she will.  I had an email from her this morning so I was very happy because of that.  She has a testimony and this is just a trial of her faith.  We are just going to patiently wait for the Lord's timing on this. 

Oh cool thing was I found out that Jared Stout was a Neihu missionary!  You should tell him Michelle says "hi".  Ask him what his Chinese name is and if he remembers any "formers" (former investigators) that I can tell the elders to go visit :)  Neihu is struggling right now.  The elders are running into the same problem as us.  A lot of our investigators are dropping out and we are finding that retaining our new investigators is a little difficult.  It is ok though.  My new companion and I have set some great goals and a good plan of action and I am excited to see what miracles we will find this week. 

I loved reading your email today and am glad your birthday went well, mom and Bryanna!  I want to see a picture of you and this bow.  Get Daniel to go out and practice soccer with you!  ha ha you sound a bit bored Dan :(  we miss you too!  I love you and look forward to when we can all hang out together, but know that you do have a lot of control over how your life goes.  Find something new and go find a way to bless others.  The hardest times in my mission and my life so far are when I am too focused on myself, my faults, my wants, my feelings... when I remember to look outward and focus on others it seems like this is when things go well and I find so much more to life. 

Dad it is so hard to see these hard things in life going on. (Sara's dad sat on the jury of a Criminal Case this week )  I have heard so many sad things and seen so many sad things, but that is why Matt and I are out here.  We get to spread the knowledge to everyone that they have a Savior who knows and loves them.  That has been my favorite things so far on my mission was letting people know about their loving Heavenly Father who gave them his son, Jesus Christ to help them through their earthly challenges.  Sooo awesome!  I am praying for your success and the family's happiness.  I hope all goes well!  I love you!!!"

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