Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Transfer #3! March 18, 2013

Be the first to the field and the last to the couch.
Chinese Proverb

Sister Gummow's companion finished her mission last week and Sara was given a new companion!  Just like springtime, she is starting fresh with a new companion and new investigators and a new hope for one of her investigators in particular!

So this week was transfer week!  Yes, the new email policy does mean I can email for a longer time and to friends, but I am still going to try and keep it in an hour because on P-day we don't have very much time...

 So... first miracle of the week!

Thank you for your prayers on behalf of L..JM.  I would ask you to keep continuing them, but specifically that she can have confidence to stand up for her beliefs and desire to join the church and that her parents will not oppose any more.  So the very same P-day that I asked you to pray, we went tracting that night and got a phone call just as we were about to start knocking on doors.  Guess what.. it was L... JM.  She said when she was away working her family asked her why she wouldn't drink tea or alcohol (so awesome that she was still keeping the Word of Wisdom!) and so she told them about going to church.  They were very opposed and showed her a bunch of bad stuff about Mormons,  but she wouldn't believe them and has kept praying and reading the Book of Mormon.  She found an excuse to call us and set up a time to meet on Thurs.  T...Jm and I were able to meet with her and bring another member.  I had been praying about her a lot and have a very good feeling about her having the ability to be baptized.  T.... JM will be visiting Neihu on the 30th and 31st for the Easter activity so we set her baptismal date for the 30th of this month.  We are going to need some earnest prayers for her if it is all going to go smoothly though.  We actually had a special fast with her on Sunday so that her parents wouldn't oppose.  I have already seen so many miracles with her through the power of prayer so I am confident the Lord will provide a way for her to receive baptism on the 30th. 

My new companion is so great BTW :)  Like my previous companion, she is also Taiwanese!   She is so cute!  L... Jei mei.   She is a very happy girl.  She has had many challenges and grown so much on her mission so far (been out about a year).  She said she finally decided it is better to be a happy missionary than to be so stressed out by the numbers and everything.  She loves to have fun and loves to talk.  There are definitely going to be some challenges, but I think it is about time I learned how to have some fun in missionary work.  Ha ha it really is kind of hard at first to be a real person and a missionary at the same time.  Hey Elder Gummow, I also met this X.....ZL at transfer meeting.  He seems super great and said you were doing good, though you are still pretty shy ha ha.  Don't let the language hold you back.  I learned the best thing you can learn is how to ask questions because then they can talk and you can listen... and if you don't understand - smile and nod and it usually works out just fine ha ha. 

So my companion and I did a little very-needed spring cleaning.  Most of our investigators won't set up, won't answer our calls, or are not progressing... so we cleaned off our white board and started over.  It is going to be challenging because we have a ton of contacting time now, but I know the lord will help us find His prepared children and be happy as we do it.  Our numbers may not be the highest this month, but we are actually sharing a happy message that we believe and we are ready to go for it.  We are still going to be trying to reach our old investigators sometimes, but we decided we can only push it so far.  After we do our part, we have to let the Lord keep nourishing their seed of faith and see where it goes.  So here we go for another transfer in Neihu.  :)  We will see what miracles the Lord has in store for us now! 

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