Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Springtime ^_^ March 11, 2013

 Sara has almost finished her training and has learned so much!  We are pleased with all her hard work and she said that she was able to get a Ukulele and is looking forward to sharing her talents to further the work in Taiwan!  They are working on a fun Easter celebration and have many exciting things in the works!

"Family!!! I love you all!  I am often very relieved that Taiwan has pretty manageable weather so I am not dying all the time!  It has been a bit warmer this week and we have been seeing the sunshine.  I hope it is the same for you out there in Utah.  The worst part about rainy days is the lack of people outside, but when it is hot outside... it is almost the same ha ha.  Oh well the lord still finds ways of accomplishing his work despite the weather.  Only 5 more days of training!  I should also finish my phase 1 Chinese :)  yay!  New transfer, new phase of Mandarin, new companion.  T.... JM has been happier over the past week and we have been able to find good unity. Trying to focus on having good unity and praying for each other has been great!  I'll let ya know of the changes next week ;) 

I am excited about our area.  I was feeling pretty down because there wasn't much going on and no new investigators, but people are starting to come out of the wood works.  The interesting thing is that 2 of our new investigators are bible fanatics and have been really checking the validity of the Book of Mormon.  ha ha so this has been an interesting week for me going a bit more into the timeline, history, and deeper doctrine of the Bible and Book of Mormon   It has actually really been fun to study out their questions and find my own questions in the process.  I didn't think that would be a big thing on my mission in Taiwan, but I'm glad I am getting the opportunity to dig a little deeper.  It has helped add clarity and depth to my testimony.  I am so grateful the Lord allows us to have these doubts and questions and then gives us the tools we need to find answers for ourselves.  One thing that I am very grateful for lately is the gift of continued revelation (prophets).  So many people are so confused over doctrinal points in the Bible because it is not clear sometimes.  They rely on their own personal thoughts to find the answers... hence a billion different churches and religions.  So interesting... so amazing to be able to tell them how we don't have to work out these questions through our own thoughts or rely on the thoughts of other men... we can know what God's thoughts are through the Book of Mormon, our prophet's and apostles and that through personal prayer, personal revelation they can know that it is true.  Any of you who read this and do not yet know... go find out!  Don't waste time trying to rely on the thoughts of men... turn to the scriptures, to God's words, and after ask HIM!  He will answer your prayers.  I know because he has answered mine and I know He has answered my parents, and I know he has answered many other church members.  He loves ALL of His children and not one is exempt from this wonderful gift of personal revelation.  If we sincerely seek answers we will receive them. 

I would ask our family this week to pray for our investigator L.....  She is wonderful, but left for a month to work and since then hasn't answered our phone calls.  Our zone leaders told us this month they had a strong impression that everyone in our mission would baptize this month.  When I looked at our area, I know none of them are ready yet, but as I prayed to find the Lord's will for the area I feel very strongly that L..... is going to come back.  It is going to take some earnest prayers, but I have faith.  I know this is the Lord's work and she is His precious daughter.  I am interested to see what miracles this next transfer brings!"

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